2015 Reflections

I’ve neglected my little blog lately, seems like forever since I did a post! Exam season was crazy busy, and the last thing I wanted to do was post a healthy recipe, considering diet was less than wholesome for the last month..  To get back into the swing of things, I have decided reflect on the last year, and how it’s been for me.

2014-12-10 23.11.10.jpg

I found an old Instagram post from this time last year with my goals for 2015 – they were:

  1. Continue using IIFYM and stick to my macros consistently. I have had my ups and downs with macro tracking – I find it really useful, and love the flexibility it provides with food choice. I have, however, fallen off the wagon a few times this year – times were I have gone a few grams over my fats or carbs, then gone and ate half the kitchen since my ‘perfect’ macros were ruined. Other times, I have just lost motivation, and went into full-blown ‘YOLO mode’ – this was basically the entire last month of my J1 in America.. Overall though, I think I’ve made progress with becoming a more flexible dieter, and in the new year will continue to track macros.
  2. Deadlift and squat 100kg+ with the intention to start competing in powerlifting in late 2015.  This goal just plain didn’t happen.. I’m probably lifting about the same as I did this time last year, maybe less. I made a lot of progress in my first few months of lifting, going from struggling to squat the bar in September 2014 to squatting 60kg by that December! I was a complete ego lifter though, always looking to add more weight to the bar – form doesn’t matter as long as you go parallel, right?! I began to make less and less progress, and started to feel a fair bit of pain after the gym. It got to the stage where I could no longer deadlift due to the pain, and could barely squat 40kg. A long overdue trip to the physio confirmed a repetitive strain injury in my lower back, most likely caused by poor form and lack of mobility.  I had to completely avoid back squats and deadlifting for about two months to allow my back to heal, as well as learn to stretch properly and start yoga. In retrospect, getting injured was, in a lot of ways, a blessing. I found yoga, which to my surprise, I have grown to love. I also learnt to squat properly, and can now get ass-to-grass depth! Competing in powerlifting is no longer a priority of mine, all I want right now is to be free of injury!
  3. Complete a Crossfit fundamentals course. This goal also didn’t happen – not even nearly! I thought it would be cool last year to try Crossfit, but never signed up for a course. As time went on, I came to realise the kind of training I enjoy was primarily bodybuilding-style. I’m not a big fan of circuits, high intensity training, or being under time pressure.. I don’t even really like supersets! Crossfit would have been a disaster for me.. Think I probably dodged a bullet by not completing this goal!
  4. Do the 21 day #nosugarchallenge and cut back on my sugar intake. This didn’t happen either.. A running theme it seems! I cracked after about 4 days without sugar.. Since then, I have focused on having sugar/junk food in moderation, and not just cutting out unhealthy food completely. It took a while to stop gorging on Nutella, but I slowly learnt some restraint and can now enjoy small treats without it turning into a huge sugar binge. This is more sustainable for me than restricting myself for 21 days after which I eat about a kilo of chocolate!
  5. Drink less and go out more. This I have done a lot in the last year, though mostly the ‘drink less’ part. I had plenty of sober nights out, and rarely drank during the college semester! I’m glad I got to experience how fun it can be go out without drinking, something I would never have had the confidence to do a few years ago. I’m hoping 2016 will be the year I master moderation with alcohol – to go out for a few drinks, and only have a few drinks! We’ll see..
  6. See some more muscle definition. While I’m still nowhere near where I want to be with body composition, I have made quite a bit of progress this year. I’m beginning to see some definition in my shoulders and arms, which is pretty exciting! The plan for 2016 is to get leaner, and see where I go from there.

2015 really was a pretty great year for me. I feel I have made lots of progress (feel like I used that word 100 times in this post!) both in the gym, and outside it. Made some all important #lifegains and had the best summer of my life in California on my J1. I am slowly learning moderation with food, and how to eat healthily for both body and soul. My only resolution for 2016 is to strive for a more balanced lifestyle, and to shy away from extremes!

Here’s to a fab 2016!






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