Top Lunch Spots in Galway

Galway has a huge selection of cafés, restaurants and eateries, many of which cater for those of us trying to eat healthier. I’ve been to my fair share of places in the city, and decided to share a few of my favourite places to grab a bite to eat. This isn’t an exhaustive list, as there are still lots of places I have yet to try!

The Kitchen

2015-10-25 14.40.59-1.jpg

I discovered this spot a few months ago, and have fast fallen in love with the place! The Kitchen is located inside the Galway Museum (a place I have yet to visit), right beside the Spanish Arch. The menu has a great selection of fresh, healthy food, juices, and smoothies – I don’t think you can really go wrong ordering any of it! There’s plenty of options for those eating gluten-free, dairy-free, or vegan too. My favourite dishes are the superfood salad (pictured), and the Mediterranean mezze – so good!

Árd Bia

2016-04-02 14.06.38-1.jpg

This is another one of my favourite places – and happens to be right next to the Kitchen! If you’re looking for a nice weekend brunch in Galway, this is the place. Choosing what to eat from the menu is such a struggle – it all sounds too good! There’s usually some delicious, healthy options on the menu. Last time I was there I got the smoked salmon and quinoa salad – delish!

56 Central

2016-06-20 12.38.25-1.jpg

The great city centre location of 56 central makes it a super handy spot to grab lunch when in town. There’s lots of great healthy options, and plenty of choice on the menu. My current favourites are the Superfood Salad with added Cajun chicken, and the mackerel and baby potato salad. Can’t go wrong with either really! If you’re around the Newcastle area, you can also visit its sister café, 37 West, which has a similar menu.

Mr Waffle

2016-05-07 13.20.20.jpg

Contrary to what the name would have you believe, this place is actually great for salads and healthy options! It’s probably the place I frequent most, as it’s just across from the hospital in Galway. I usually go for the Mango and Avocado Chicken Salad – so delicious! If you’re feeling like treating yourself, there’s plenty of waffle and crepe options to choose from. The Nutella and banana waffles are insanely good 😉

And Finally..

2015-11-27 13.56.07-1.jpg

One of my favourite things to do for lunch on a sunny day is to get a salad in Marks and Spencer and eat it on Eyre Square. I’m totally obsessed with M&S food – they do some of the best pre-packaged salads around. And you just can’t beat sitting on Eyre Square in the sunshine!

I could easily pick another 5 places I love to eat in the city, there’s so many to choose from! These tend to be my go to places for food though. Let me know if you try any of these places out – I’d love to hear your opinions!





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