My experience of Online Coaching

Online coaching is something that has intrigued me for quite some time. I’ve played with the idea of hiring a coach for ages, but always found an excuse as to why it wasn’t the exact right moment. I promised myself that I’d invest once I got my next paycheck so many times, but never got around to it until a few weeks ago. My only regret is not investing in one sooner!

So why did I decide to get coaching?

I consider myself pretty knowledgeable about nutrition, and spend my spare time soaking up everything I can about the subject. There is, however, a big difference between knowing information, and actually applying it consistently in your own life! I struggled with sticking to my macros, and frequently went off track. Since January, my diet has been pretty bad – I’ve struggled to stay on track for more than a few weeks at a time, and would end up bingeing frequently. I sustained a rotator cuff injury in December, and haven’t been able to train upper body for the vast majority of the year. I then, of course, started over-training legs to compensate, and developed patellofemoral pain syndrome, putting me out of lifting completely for the last 2-3 months. Not being able to lift totally killed my motivation to stick to any kind of nutrition plan, cue a hell of a lot of weight gain! I finally got my shit together in June and decided I needed a coach for some accountability.

After scouring the internet, I decided to go with a plan from Recalibrated Bodies to get me back on track. I chose the 4 week nutrition-only plan, as I still can’t lift. You have the option of a macros-only, or tailored meal plan –  I went for the macro one, as I’ve been tracking quite a while. Once you buy the plan, you’re sent a very comprehensive questionnaire asking about pretty much everything – current food  intake, sleep quality, medical history, supplements, and more. Once I sent this back, I received my tailored macros within about 5 days.

With the macro plan, you’re given set macros per meal, which requires a lot more planning than I’m used to! The macros also change depending on whether it’s a training or a rest day. It took quite a while to get used to the new approach, but I got there eventually! I liked the flexibility of being able to plan my own meals, and fit in the odd treat. I was very impressed by the macro targets – only a slight caloric deficit, and protein was kept high. My lower carb days still had 140g of carbs, so I was happy out with that! There was also a lot of thought given to nutrient timing, something I previously hadn’t really bothered with. Spacing protein evenly throughout the day is something I wasn’t previously doing, despite knowing that it’s far more optimal for building muscle!

I checked in with Amanda every weekend, updating her on my weight and measurements. Knowing that I had the check in was great to help me stick to the plan!  I did, however, make a few slip ups during the 4 weeks. I went on a weekend away to London, and macros went out the window for those 3 days! I made a few other slip ups, but it was so much easier to get back on track afterwards with Amanda’s encouragement! The accountability alone makes getting a coach worth it.

I had my final check in of the plan last weekend, the time just flew! My results weren’t quite as dramatic as I’d hoped – a weekend eating everything in London will do that to you! I was still very happy, considering I also wasn’t training during the time. On the plan I lost 2.7kg (6lbs) and 3.2% bodyfat. I also dropped 3cm from my waist, 4cm from my hips, and 1 cm from each thigh. My major regret is not taking a before photo – won’t make that mistake next time!

My experience of having an online coach was very positive overall. I can’t recommend Recalibrated Bodies enough. I’ll definitely be going back for another plan once I get my next paycheck!  I will say though, if you’re considering a plan with them, the meal plan version is probably easier if you haven’t counted macros before – it requires a fair bit of planning to have set targets per meal.

If you’re considering hiring an online coach for the first time, my advice is to do your research first! Check how long the coach has being doing it, have a read of any client testimonials, and try to get a feel for their level of knowledge and experience. There’s plenty of people on Instagram these days claiming to be coaches, with no qualifications but having a decent set of abs. Make sure your hard-earned money is going to someone who will give you the best results possible, and isn’t just going to charge you loads for a generic meal plan!

Hope you guys found this useful! If you have any questions about anything I’ve mentioned, feel free to contact me – my email is 🙂



Disclaimer – I paid for the plan myself, and am not affiliated with Recalibrated Bodies in any way. All opinions are entirely my own. 






9 thoughts on “My experience of Online Coaching

  1. I had an online coach for about a year, and loved it. I have a home gym and limited time, so it worked great for me.

    Unfortunately, the site I used shut down rather suddenly. I’ll have to look into Recalibrated Bodies. Thanks!


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