French Toast and Fitness is a fitness, nutrition and lifestyle blog run by Eimear Dunne. Eimear is a final year medical student and certified Precision Nutrition coach who is passionate about living a healthy, balanced life. She believes in a no BS, evidence-based approach to nutrition.

Instagram – @frenchtoastandfitness

Twitter – @dunne_eimear

Facebook – French Toast and Fitness

Email – eimeardt@gmail.com


5 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello, thank you for liking my post and I honestly enjoyed the first post I just read.
    Quick question please, My email followers get my full post in their mail instead of just a part and then a *continue reading* that will direct them to my blog.
    Please do you know how I can change this? Kindly help a newbie.


      1. That’s the solution and below is the link of the amazing blogger that gave me the solution. In wordpress above where you write your post, you will find a “Read More Tag” It is between the “Remove Link” and “ABC/spell check” buttons. If you place the “read more tag” anywhere in your post, your followers will only receive the content above the tag line in their email from you and the rest will be on your blog in the full post. So, your followers will need to click in to your blog to read the full post, rather than getting the whole thing via email. I hope this helps. I actually forget to do it a lot of the time, probably because I’m not posting as frequently as I should and then I forget until after I’ve published! Once you publish, I believe it is too late to correct, but you can use this on your posts going further. I hope this helps. http://www.sweetgreenkitchen.com


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