Thought I’d leave links to a couple of my favourite blogs, websites, products etc. for anyone interested!

Favourite Food Blogs

  • The Little Green Spoon – An excellent Irish healthy food blog
  • Natural Born Feeder – Roz Purcell’s food blog has me drooling every time I visit it!
  • Endorphin Stew – Ryan’s blog has so many delicious, healthy recipes to try
  • The Macro Queen – Leanne has loads of interesting articles about fitness and nutrition
  • Nourishing Fir – Fir is the queen of #healthyfoodporn – her recipes are gluten and dairy-free, and always look insanely good
  • The Food Medic – Check out Hazel’s blog for loads of healthy, high protein recipes
  • Zanna Van Dijk – Zanna has loads of really cool articles and recipes on her blog
  • Deliciously Ella – So many amazing vegan recipes – I’ve tried loads of the recipes, so good!
  • Naturally Sassy – Another vegan blog with delicious recipes

Favourite Stores

  • AOB Nutrition – Great selection of sports nutrition supplements and healthy snacks!

Favourite Youtubers 

Favourite Websites for Nutrition/Training Information 

  • Examine.com – The best source of unbiased supplement information, based on the latest evidence – gives a great overview of most supplements, in an easy to understand way
  • PubMed – The go-to place for the latest research publications – a decent level of scientific knowledge is required to understand a lot of it though!
  • Strengtheory – A great site for advanced training information
  • Body Recomposition – Lyle McDonald’s website
  • Alan Aragon
  • Biolayne
  • Look Great Naked – Brad Schoenfeld’ website
  • Bret Contreras