An Apology

In recent times, evidence-based nutrition has become cool. I don’t know how that happened, but I’m pretty happy about this development! Influential people on social media have begun accepting that calories are a thing, and that the whole ‘clean-eating’ trend is kinda BS. Or at least some of them are.. I love this change. I… Read More An Apology

Why I’m Saying ‘No’ to Healthy Baking

The rise of healthy eating and wellness in the past few years has brought with it many new trends, among them the concept of ‘healthy treats’. Instagram is full of raw/vegan/paleo/sugar-free/gluten-free/flour-free/wheat-free baked goods to satisfy your sweet tooth. Who wouldn’t want a ‘guilt-free’ way to enjoy brownies, cake, muffins, and everything in-between? I’ll admit, I… Read More Why I’m Saying ‘No’ to Healthy Baking